Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gift to Give Away With "Le Beau Monde"

Wow...Le Beau Monde....Awesome right?

selling accessories for women, lady gaga, gugurl or teenagers...

u can get ur belts, earring,bracelet, dress, hair bun, hair rings,hair clips, hair bands, necklaces, rings, purse, shawls and so many other things with the brand new and perfect condition!

such a beautiful accessories that u need  to grab before sold out! 

but now, Le Beau Monde launch her 1st GA that u need to join to grab gift from Le Beau Monde..come on!!! yeah!!!

Nota bibir seksi:)

1st time ni nak join GA..hope dapatlah hadiah..hehe..syoknyer...

nini-ab tag this 3 person:)

sufiesyniss, and dott

nota bibir seksi:)

tengah belajar2 nak join GA

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